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Musicians and producers in any genre can use this simple, proven system to get more exposure, more fans and make more money without the need for a record label, and without spending tons of cash on promotions. Music Promotion Machine is what you need to get it done.

You will learn how to implement the same music promotion strategy that countless recording artists are already using, so you can get your music out to new audiences, grow your fanbase, and sell music and merch online. Easy-to-follow videos will show you exactly what to do step by step.

You'll have a "squeeze page" where new fans will arrive and join your list. Once fans are on your list, they will receive an automated sequence of emails over the next few days to build a connection and help convert them from average fans into true fans that will spend money with you and support your music career. Built in promotions will help you sell music to fans that join your list and this is all automated, even the process of finding new fans is automated.

You will learn how to run ultra-cheap, highly-targeted ads that will attract people that want to hear your music and exactly how to do everything in step-by-step videos. You do not need any previous experience or technical skills to make this work. This music promotion system will grow your fanbase and sell your music 24/7, it will run continuously, while you're in the studio, on tour, on vacation, or even while you sleep.

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